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July 26, 2009
view from the parsonage at FFC

The story of a father murdering a daughter in Mansfield here would be bad enough in and of itself, but to find someone so damaged having to invoke God as the reason just takes us another step along the path that says only someone devoid of normal faculties would have a sense of faith. If this doesn’t break God’s heart, what would? Where is the supposedly God-centric concern for the life of a child, snuffed out for no reason?

As usual this soon after the fact, there is no clear picture yet of what this man’s history is, what his disorders are, or for how long he had been “hearing from God” on who should live or die. I do not know what it is like to be in this man’s head, I do not know what the voice was like. The nature of this level of psychological turmoil is well beyond my studies. So I find myself praying hard prayers today…for the soul of a little girl, untimely lost…for the soul of a father, destroyed by his demons, in need of redemption that no human system could provide…and for the rest of their family, all scarred by this tragedy.

It sometimes feels like we can do little to stem the tide of malevolence perpetrated in God’s name; still, we press on. We cannot allow this to be the defining storyline of God’s interaction with humanity. God help us to spread your love, and help us to respect the dangerous power of our free will.


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  1. That’s a good prayer.
    God is good

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