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How Now Scott Brown?

February 23, 2010

We interrupt this ongoing Food Rules series for a quick aside.

Follow this link, if you dare,  to see what conservatives are saying about Scott Brown now (warning, STRONG language ahead).

It’s deeply disheartening. I don’t blame anyone who claims to be leaving politics over the lack of civility in congress, and I sure wouldn’t blame someone for souring on things after rants like these.

I don’t care what team you play for, it’s just not right that people get treated this way for following what they believe to be the best course of action on tough issues like jobs. I imagine Brown will be a part of many decisions and initiatives that I do not care for, or that might even make me discouraged. I will not stoop to this level of venom. I think those of us who are followers of Jesus have a duty to point out hate when we see it and a duty to decry it. More than anything, it’s probably a clear message about the liberating anonymity of the internet, that allows party wags to say things “at” a person they would never say to that person’s face.

I think politics is like ministry in at least one sense: if a politician is really doing their job, sooner or later they will say something that challenges us. I’m especially intrigued by those who say of Brown, “I no longer support him” after one vote! Thank goodness churches don’t work that way. We’d all be in big trouble.

I continue to pray for Senator Brown and all who labor on our behalf. Even when I disagree. And that prayer helps me to keep my tongue civil when I need to speak up and voice my disapproval. I hope others will try doing the same.


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  1. Nancy Ross permalink

    I agree that we have become so polarized and nasty, that it is extremely hard to get anything done in Washington. And who suffers the most but those whose needs aren’t being met because of gridlock. No way to get anything done and certainly no way to act!

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