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Food Rules, Rule Number Ten

March 2, 2010

photo by Adam Ciesielski

“How then will you comfort me with empty nothings?
There is nothing left of your answers but falsehood.”

Job 21:34

This one came into stark relief not too long ago with Pringles “Potato” Chips. Because Pringles were not really potato chips, they were exempted from a certain tax. This isn’t the kind of claim I would want publicized, but I guess it saved the company a good amount of money.

The classic example Pollan brings up is margarine, another product that was always in our household growing up. Now we only use real butter, and not a lot of it. Food tastes better, and we’re not getting as trans-fatted-up as we used to.

I’ve seen some amazingly bad foods sold by outfits like Weight Watchers and Nutri-System (back in the day) that should not be eaten by anyone. Most were made in the name of “replacing” supposedly unhealthy foods with healthy ones. As with most things, if it sounds too good to be true…


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