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Food Rules, Rule Number Twelve

March 11, 2010

photo by stock.xchng poster kga245.

It is rare to find fresh raw foods in the center aisles, just as it’s rare to find cases like this on the edges.  There is nothing in there that you need…there is only stuff that makes your life more convenient at the expense of your health. The one exception I would make is for frozen vegetables that lack preservatives, or obvious organics with short ingredient lists.

When you get in the habit of filling your cart with things from the edges, you will find your attitude at checkout starts to change. Not so much an air of superiority (one would hope) but rather a sense that it has been worthwhile to be shopping, rather than the long slow mope that comes with putting a cart full of “necessaries” in the line.

This also reinforces the idea that shopping hungry is bad. Just look at that stuff in there. You know that in minutes, smells will come wafting out of your oven/microwave/toaster oven that will fulfill some temporary yearning. But if you can take it a step further, you also know that you will not feel great after (likely) overeating what you found in that frozen paradise.

In the case of rule twelve, life On the Edge is really the safest place to be.


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