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Food Rules, Rule Number Fourteen

March 20, 2010

photo by Christa Richert

I cannot for the life of me picture a Hot Pocket growing in a field of luscious Hot Pockets, so I think this rule might well save me from that particular frozen food-like substance.

Apologies for the gap between posts. I have a feeling I may not comment on all these rules while we are reading during Lent (ya think?). Still, I press on, because I believe these will be nice to have up for a while as more and more folks sit down with this easiest of reads of the Pollan canon.

Of course, this one goes further and actually refers to the ingredients on the label of said Hot Pockets, which gets really tricky after a while. Tough with most processed foods. For me, this is about honoring creation, or at least that Creation that was set into motion long ago on our behalf, set up in before we were even here to receive it, if you really note the order of operations in the creation account in Genesis. The whole infrastructure came into being before we were set up, and that takes time in preparation.

Hey, maybe spending time in preparation is a GOOD thing! And maybe that lesson can extend to the things we put in our bodies.


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