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Food Rules, Checking in!

March 29, 2010

The book! Still only $5 at Amazon.

I just wanted to put an update and placeholder here.

This has been a fun blog for me to “maintain,” in so far as I have done that, and I appreciate the comments I’ve gotten so far. It’s interesting to think about what Pollan writes from a faith and scripture perspective. Having gotten as far as we have and having concurrently veered off the stated mission of this project a bit, I thought it might be nice just to check in with you and let you know that I am continuing on, even though my “daily post” sort of style fell by the wayside. It often does!

Things like blogs and podcasts are only useful and relevant when they are updated with a fair measure of consistency. That’s where you get credibility and critical mass of folks “checking in,” since most of us do NOT digest blogs through RSS readers anymore. I still use an RSS Reader because it’s built into other software, but I’m very aware that many people come to sites like this one to just check and see if there is new content. Having not noticed anything new for a while, folks tend to stop checking.

However, there will always be new material here, though the nature of the posts will be eclectic. This Food Rules run is really just a feature on my “professional” blog that I maintain as the pastor of Franklin Federated Church. It was a conscious decision not to start a new blog called “Food Rules in Lent” or some such thing. I think it’s important to have as few access points for the material you create online, otherwise folks start to lose the thread. I already have a separate podcast for sermons, which I link to from here, but they do not appear as posts yet on this blog. I suppose it’s time to remedy that!

But the important thing to note is this: I did not get through all the rules in Lent, and will not at this point. I am committed to continuing on, though, and the Food Rules of Michael Pollan will continue to be a regular feature of this blog. I like chipping away at them and it helps keep me focused in my own consumption habits.  More than anything I appreciate your stopping by here and your posting comments. It keeps me going on all my various projects.

So eat well, come back when you can, and God bless you on the journey.


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