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Food Rules, Rule Number Nineteen

March 29, 2010

photo by Soh KC

Building on the previous rule, plant in its various definitions can be either our greatest boon or bane. The juxtaposition of Soh’s photo here is fortuitous, though. One plant obviously overshadows the other here, as is often the case throughout the world. I don’t know that there’s anything edible on the tree for humans.

Most important, I think, is that moment where we say, “Who made this food?” In most cases, as people of faith, it is nice to be able to answer, “God,” rather than “humans.” Humans putting foods together is not nearly as nefarious as humans making foods. Now I know on the molecular level that we are just putting “foods” together, but I’m not buying it in terms of what it does for our bodies. Whole foods don’t ever need to enter a plant.


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