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Following up, Gathering thoughts

June 20, 2010

He thinks he's SO smart.
Working on a wrap-up of the July 19th Annual Meeting of the Mass Conference of the UCC, just finishing up my thoughts and impressions…but today’s my day to take the youth to breakfast (once a month, usually the last Sunday of the month, but vacation looms)!

I think it’s good to rest in the storm a bit before I spin it all out. As more folks stop by, please note: there are some things in here that are clearly my opinions, but they in no way are meant to indicate a lack of preparation or planning on anyone’s part. My tastes are not the world’s tastes, just as yours aren’t. So if I comment on something you did that you felt got short shrift, POST a COMMENT. You are welcome.

In the short term as I head out the door? Quinn Caldwell of Old South Church brought an A-Game sermon, during worship, a sermon that was an ode to an often overlooked scripture in Hebrews, his beloved Old South Church, and our beloved denominational home. Home run. I rarely get to go to preaching school at events like these, but I learned a lot about structure and transition in that piece, and I was inspired and energized by his message of welcome, of showing up and becoming the true, improbable, “I can’t believe I sit in a church with that person” Beloved Community of Christ. Thank you brother.


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