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Repubnocrats, REJOICE!

November 3, 2010

So it’s the day after, and I cannot believe that no one is exultant.

But you all should be! You won! You managed to elect the same deep-pocketed big-business interested candidates you always do! So what is all the whining about? Granted, some of them are sitting on the wrong side of the aisle, in your opinion. But the fact of the matter is that the one place that needed most to benefit truly did: Wall Street!

So be happy in your victory! All day I’ve been reading the facebook comments from my friends on both sides of the two-party system. Democrats are crestfallen that they aren’t philibuster-proof. Republicans are shocked that the big gains they were promised came to nothing. Tea-baggers are…well, I won’t even bother. Way too easy.

But in the end, really, you prevailed. Repubnocrats for Big Corporate Business swept all the major races, and will keep the same status quo they always do. Did everyone really forget that Fox News is a Corporation, and that the voices you hear there in the so called “no-spinny zones” are funded by very wealthy people? Did everyone suddenly forget that lobbyists are paid big bucks because they can operate with ease on both sides of the aisle? What exactly did you think this country had become?

If anything, I offer you my heartfelt welcome:

Welcome to the ranks of the dispossessed, the disappointed, and the disaffected with political life in these United States. We’ve been waiting for you! Now that you’re here, maybe you can key into some of the things that really matter more than anything politics have to offer in 2010: a rich inner life, a sustaining faith, and a willingness to help your fellow human beings as we all muddle through the way we were built to: TOGETHER.


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  1. hear hear!
    God is good

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