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Why does the blog look different?

January 26, 2011

I did a sort of “good and welfare” around the blog, and discovered that part of the reason I wasn’t posting more was that I really didn’t like the way it looked. Shallow? Maybe. But it’s my work environment, and I’ve got to feel at home in it. The site was minimal compared to some, but still a little too distracting for what I want to present.

Jim Collins, in Good to Great, asks each company to define its “Hedgehog Principle,” i.e. the driving one-liner that defines every other decision you make about what you do. It distinguishes you and it helps folks to focus. I asked myself what this site was for (finally).

My answer? It’s about ideas. And my ideas are communicated through words. I am not a visual artist. I want to stop wasting time searching for evocative images just to give the site “flavor” and really just focus on providing useful content. I revisited two favorite sites, minimalmac and daring fireball, and learned from their layouts; keep it clean. I’m not skilled enough with html or css to make this more personal, so the best answer for this wordpress blog was the Titan theme.

So come for the ideas. Visit flickr for pictures. And thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.


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