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Overwhelmed in the Middle East

February 15, 2011

What is going on? We hear about the Middle East as an area where change can happen quickly, but this is getting to be overwhelming. Egypt, Yemen, and now Iran, where the rhetoric is heating up to the point of blanket death threats.

I was reading this article in the Christian Science Monitor, and it seems like the leaders of these countries are as bewildered as we are. We’ve been praying for a peaceful transition in Egypt. Lives were lost there. Now clashes in Iran that result in some very pointed responses from leadership.

I’m not there, but it seems like once again, the status quo is doing its best to just maintain. In those situations, when a call for change comes, all you can do is lash out and demonize. I hope the folks at risk in Yemen and Iran are safe. I hope they can work toward peaceable dialog. I hope their leaders will see change as necessary and creative, rather than destructive.

Keep them in your prayers. So much at stake. Let’s hope folks are heard without having to die for it.


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