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March 2, 2011

I cannot describe the afterglow that comes from a New Members class at Franklin Federated. I know I’ve written about this in the past, so I won’t overdo it here. But I have to say what a thrill it was to have our Affirmands in the class.

If you don’t know, at Franklin Federated we call our Confirmands “Affirmands,” since some folks will be confirmed, and some will be baptized as they join the church. We do this class every other year, and this year we integrated them into the New Members Class to get all the membership info in one go.

I can admit it: I was worried. I was worried they would be bored out of their skulls. I was sure that the pace would be too slow, or we’d not have the right amount and kinds of breaks, or that the getting acquainted games would seem dumb to them. But they played along; they not only showed up, but they asked insightful questions (no surprises there). I don’t think they nodded out any more than anyone else (no one fell over), and the feedback we’ve gotten from them since the class is that they were “glad they went,” and that they learned things about the church they didn’t know. I love being a part of a church where our youth are treated with respect and invited into adult enterprises. It matters.

It matters that we are reminding them that we need them. We are reminding them that they carry on for us, potentially. I know I speak for the Deacons as well when I say it was an honor to have them in the class.

Now they have the same decision the adult members of the class had: will my faith convictions lead me to joining my witness to Franklin Federated in Membership? This week at the Deacon’s Breakfast, folks will have a chance to bring follow-up questions and learn more. Then March 13th, we’ll have another Membership Sunday and add the folks who are ready.

Sunday was a long day. It started at 8 with the Youth Breakfast Club at Rick’s, and ended nearly at 8 Sunday night. But I left feeling energized and affirmed. Thanks to our Board of Deacons who pour so much of themselves into this important work, and to all who came to the class (including my wife, who never got to go before!)


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