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12 Enough and Killing in Pakistan

May 2, 2011

Hi there, my dormant blog! How are you? I’ve missed you, but apparently not enough to bother to stop by. It is good to see you again.

Two occasions bring me back again; The release of the second episode of 12 Enough and the death of Osama Bin Laden. One an opportunity for rejoicing…the other? I am not so sure. You pick!

Seriously, I would it very much if you would read the measured thoughts of my podcast co-host, Rev. Jonathan Malone at his blog, Theological Snob. This is one of the easiest links I’ve ever posted. Usually I have to add all sorts of caveats and explanations about the nuanced differences of my position in relation to the other poster; not this time. I could not agree more. Jonathan’s thoughts on and characterization of this incident are 100% in line with mine. I will say that a little less triumphalism in our celebrations of his demise would go a LONG way in these days after the killing. The world is watching, and contrary to what some politicians have thought, the world’s opinion of us and how we handle ourselves DOES matter.

In lighter news, Jonathan and I have released Episode Two of Season One of our new podcast, 12 Enough. Two pastors with WAY too many opinions. This time we talk about how we prepare sermons. We laugh, we cry, we’re better than Cats.

Well, I happen to think anything is better than Cats. But that’s me. I’ve never dug musical theater.


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