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Getting Ready for U2 at Franklin Federated Church

October 10, 2012

You've heard of the U2Charist at Franklin Federated Church? There is so much going on around here, and I'm grateful for so many active volunteers making things happen. Susy's delighted energy has been essential to bringing this one to fruition, and I expect it to be well attended by parishioners with their families and friends. We don't often get the “full rock band treatment” around here, so it will be nice to see how things…reverberate. This Sunday, October 14th at 6:30 pm, I hope you'll come out for a memorable communion service.

At first, I thought I might get out of preaching, but that's typically built into the service. A double-edged sword, if ever there was one. I'm a big fan of letting music speak when it can. When will folks get a better opportunity than this to just let the music speak? And yet, it seems the intention is to honor the spoken word in the midst of so much urgency, so much poetry, so much great stuff to focus on. Preachers oblige. We're good at that part, right? Or at least we're supposed to think we are.

I'm actually going to use a part of U2's canon that is not going to appear in this service…a song called “I Will Follow.” I have many reasons for using it, and I think it will speak clearly across a pretty wide range of hearers. I hope you will consider bringing someone to church who may not have a church connection, or who may just like great music. This will be a service to remember.



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