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Faith RE-emergent

October 12, 2012

This program on NPR's WBUR, Tom Ashbrook's On Point, felt like a bolt from the blue yesterday. It represents so many things I've known for a decade now, but brings a new urgency to me, for some reason. I have written off “emergent” Christianity since I first hear the term. It sounded like snake-oil. But now that the studies are actually presenting data on the “Rise of the Nones,” I feel more convicted.

Protestants are no longer the “mainline.” Now, the most popular choice on the Pew Survey is “none” for religious affiliation. I won't get into the facts discussed on the broadcast (I commend it to you) but there are so many that are so relevant to what we're seeing in our churches now.

There is an opportunity to see one of the loudest voices in Emergent Christianity at Andover Newton Theological School at the Woodbury Management Workshop in February 2013.

I don't know what the future of ministry is in all this. I have too much invested on what might prove to be the wrong side of the equation. But I am heartened about what this says about faith: that a faith cannot be co-opted by one political party, and that the “Faith of our Fathers,” may not have been a holy faith at all.

If you heard this program and you're preaching this week and you're not addressing this, I think you should turn in your robe/stole/hawaiian shirt.



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