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Church bashing

October 15, 2012

This article sounds shrill and xenophobic to me. I know there is a gleeful sense of contempt on the part of many that churches that have been allied with one political party or one style of christianity are finally getting their comeuppance.

But I'm sorry, Mr. Signorile: when you write about what's coming for “the churches” you had better get your terms clear. Many of us in “the churches” have been advocating for gay rights long before others were nearly as organized. Some of us have performed gay weddings as part of the vanguard. Some of us have provided care and counseling long before such things were even expected. You sound petty and uninformed when you refer to “the churches” as if we all had one manifesto that you could conveniently lump together.

Frankly, I'm embarrassed for you. A follow up article would be appreciated, with a clearer sense of exactly who you're talking about. Many churches that have been on your side for a long time are struggling. You gave up on churches that are nothing like ours. When you did that, you gave up on us.

Good thing we never gave up on you. Not that you'd care, but there it is. Please save others from your ignorance. Don't just link-bait with the Pew study. “The churches” are as varied as the rainbow. People deserve to know that.


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