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This App Made Me a Better Christian, Pt. 1

October 24, 2012

After my last post, I’m paying penance with an app I’ve used forever but that a favorite commentator of mine just recommended again: Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock.

It’s a simple program that uses the built-in accelerometer to gauge how well you’re sleeping. The idea is that in your deepest sleep, you move the least. You plug your phone in and set it on the corner of the bed, then wake up in the morning and check the graph.

The alarm clock works by discovering when, in a half-hour range of a certain time, you start moving more; i.e., it wakes you up from lighter sleep so that you feel more refreshed.

Does it work? Sure does. You will wake up better if you use the alarm. Even if you just use it to track sleep, you’ll learn more about your patterns and you can train yourself toward better sleep. When you’re better rested, you do everything else better, including seeking the face of Christ in others and becoming more aware of their hopes, dreams, and challenges.


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