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Peace and Grace and Not Much Sandy

October 30, 2012

I hope and pray that folks are safe and well in NYC and surrounding areas. I thought it was nice that the Pope had some words of prayer for everybody prior to the storm. It reminds me of the practice of praying the hours, or the Daily Office. Somewhere, at every minute of the day, there is a religious order praying for the world. Occasionally it’s nice to hear the specific prayers offered by someone with so high a profile. I don’t have the text of the prayer at hand, but still…nice gesture.

Here in Massachusetts the storm seems to have largely been a dud. I had it on good advice that this would likely be the cast, so kept my “disaster prep” to a minimum this time. I will tell you the one crucial thing I DID do, though: I removed the Facebook app from my iPhone, and didn’t check it until the storm was well over. This may sound counter-intuitive, but I find the fear-mongering that used to be the province of certain news networks (actually most of them these days) has crept into social media as well. It is corrosive. I didn’t need it. I would drive two hours to help any friend, provided my family was safe, but the panicking ramp-up seems irrelevant and overly fearful.

I’m glad so many folks close by made it through so easily here. For those that did not, we’ll now begin the same work we do after every storm: cleaning up, putting it all back together, finding our peace. For those in the greater NY/NJ/CT area without power, or those at the coast facing flooded homes, I hope our communication will remain steady and sober as we get folks what they need.

If you lack power or hot water and need either, Franklin Federated Church is up and running, and you should feel free to come by if you can get there.


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