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Hello How Are You?

November 12, 2012

Nearing a week after the election, and I’m interested to know how my small, brave group of readers are faring.

Did your fella(s) win? Were you interested in someone else entirely who didn’t get any time? Are you making choices now, like some others, to exhibit your displeasure?  Or are you preparing to boycott their businesses? Will that help the workers they claim to be ready to fire?

I’m interested in the “divisive” character of this election, as reported by some outlets, since the election wasn’t really that divisive. A win by 303? That means the Obama/Biden team beat out JFK and many others. This  election really wasn’t that close. Richard Greener’s article here really points this up, and his math seems right, unless I’ve missed something. And you’ll tell me if I have, won’t you?

What’s the Christian witness now, after all the posturing is done? Or is it just more posturing? I’m tired of “God’s judgment this and that,” because neither of these parties seems that concerned with God’s will as I understand it.

How about you?



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